COPPER AND BLACK OFFICE WISHLIST: Paperchase, MADE, Wayfair, Links of London - interiors, home style

    I’m lusting after so many office accessories right now and love the idea of incorporating greys and blacks into the office. Here’s some picks that are currently on my wish list!

    Rose Gold Pen £55.25 – Links of London

    Classier than your classic Bic… Whether you’re inscribing a thank you note, or just writing the shopping list, this is definitely an elegant bit of kit to do it with.

    Copper Letter Holder £14.99 – Maison du Monde

    Somewhere to hold letters is something I 100% need, they float about everywhere. This one is both gorgeous and practical!

    Copper frame £15 – Paperchase

    This frame is perfect for keeping a photo of your bae at your side

    Grey and Copper Filing Cabinet £199 –

    This cabinet is definitely a step above the white IKEA filing cabinet I currently stuff all my paperwork into. It would fit in perfectly in an office filled with leather bound books…

    Slate and Copper Wall Clock £39 –

    Definitely one of those clocks which makes you work a little bit harder to work the time out, being completely blank.. but it’s beautiful none the less.

    Grey accent chair £399 –

    The perfect office wouldn’t be complete without a cute, comfy chair. This one ticks both those boxes in a gorgeous pewter grey.

    Cage Style Copper Lamp £28 – eBay

    I love the caged style, and this lamp is adorable.

    Black and Copper Globe £54.99 – Wayfair

    Nothing screams ‘I’m an intelligent, well travelled, fountain of wisom’ more than a globe.

    Barista & Co Copper Cafeteire £30 – Whittards

    Coffee, the elixir of life, should always be on hand whilst you’re getting sh*t done.

    Holly’s House Black and Copper Scissors £18.95 – Trouva

    I’ve never purchased any scissors more expensive than IKEA, but this pair is beautiful and something which could last you years.

    What do you think of these picks?





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